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Pov Humiliation: From master 2 (piggy) masturbator!!!

Hey lonely loser! Are you tired of being bossed around by sexy bombshells who only want you for your money? Frustrated with feeling inadequate and knowing you’ll NEVER be able to satisfy sexy, bitchy Goddesses who you lust over? Wouldn’t it be fun to live the life of a REAL man, and be able to turn hot women into your sexual playthings and personal, obedient little SLUTS? With THAT face and THAT little dick (LOL)?! Not in a MILLION YEARS!! But what if you SOMEHOW had the power to control their minds and make hot girls obey your every command? Hmmm, imagine the possibilities… Well Angelina Jolie lookalike and cockteasing BALL-BUSTING, corporate-bitch GODDESS NICOLE is at your apartment, and your moment is at ‘hand’. You’re lusted like a loser for this stuck up BITCH GODDESS and Her WAY too good for you attitude ever since She joined the company. SOOOOO beautiful, but SO COLD, She treats you like Her personal errand boy at work. It makes you so mad, even though you spend every night jacking off to Her! HAHA what a WANKER! But now you’ve lured Her back to your apartment with the ruse of having some ‘important work’ to show Her. What you’re about to unveil is a diabolical scheme that could change your life and make this uber hottie yours for the taking! Seeing Her so close is almost too much for a loser to ‘handle’. Her feminine curves, her sultry looks, her aloof attitude, her incredible ASS… Will you pull it off and dominate, like a man? Will you finally, FINALLY score with a truly hot woman? Or will you fall victim to Her dominating sexiness and become another weak, hopeless SISSY in Her HAREM of PAYPIGS? Worthless jackstains like you have a place in Her life too. Not in Her sheets, of course! You really think a chronic MASTURBATOR like you is MAN enough to MASTER such a powerful creature? Think again puny dick! LOL!!!

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