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Pov Humiliation: Ice ice, baby-dick!!! - pts 1,2+3

'Missed me you old loser? Well all I miss is your CASH!' Welcome BACK, JACKIE DANIELS!! Jackie has a way of making stupid dorks do anything She wants, and She’s back to finish what Samantha Saint started! As you will soon see, and FEEL!! In this incredibly INTOXICATING clip, JACKIE continues the diabolical degradation to your pathetic sperm. And that UNWANTED little sperm bank you have going there is about to have a MELTDOWN, wanker! Don’t feel bad… Those inferior loser sperm are better off out of their misery! It’s not like there’s lots of girls lined up to make BABIES with you, is there??! “Awww, I’ve been so mean to you… Would you like a little LAPDANCE, sweety? A little lapdance, for a LITTLE dick? LOL!” Jackie teases you to the brink, giving you aching blue balls while she talks about the money she gets from ass-kissing faggots like you. Then Her instructions come FAST and FURIOUS, and She has some wonderful ideas for you to amuse Her with those “swollen blue testicles!!” It’s a fitting END for you and your LOSER sperm, dorkwad! Anything SHE wants, you’ll do, RIGHT retard? And to make SURE you comply, JACKIE gives you her email address for a little… EVIDENCE!! Not that She needs proof that you’re a pathetic little submissive jerkoff - as She said, '…any fool who buys this clip is already DOOMED! Fucking losers!” You’ve never seen Jackie like THIS! She’s still playful at times, but there’s a HARDER, edgier side to Her now, now that She’s seen how WEAK you pathetic JACKOFFS are. You don’t need to be shy with HER! She KNOWS you’re worthless! Face it! You’re UNpopular, unwanted, lonely and addicted to wanking like all the other stupid losers out there. So sit back, thank whatever you believe in that a site as amazing as POVHUMILIATION exists for all you REJECTS, and do what cums NATURALLY to loserboys!! OBEY and PAY! LOL!

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